Personal Training

Mindi Swihart has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Science from Ball State University.  She is also certified through the International Fitness Professionals Association as a Personal Fitness Trainer.

Personal training is an hour session of one-on –one training.  Before a workout is established, the trainer will meet with the client for a free consultation.  At that time, the client will set his/her goals, have measurements taken, and learn their body fat percentage.  The client will also inform the trainer of his/her medical and health history.  Once the consultation is through, the trainer will develop a program to fit the specific needs of the client.

At each personal training session, the client is guaranteed complete focus from the trainer.  The trainer will spot the client on every exercise, count repetitions, and determine the number of sets completed by the client.  In most cases, the client will go through a warm-up, resistance training workout, and do some form of cardiovascular exercise.  Throughout the sessions with the client, the trainer will adjust any part of the program that should be changed to benefit the client.  Every four to six weeks the client will be re-measured and have body fat percentage retaken to evaluate progress.